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FHA Streamline


FHA Cash Out Refinance


Streamline Refinance

People who already have a FHA mortgage may qualify for a streamline refinance loan that reduces the interest rate with no appraisal and discounted lending fees. FHA Mortgage Loan Services recommends refinancing if your current interest rate is an adjustable rate or if your interest rate is greater than 6.5%. FHA enables existing FHA clients to refinance without cash to 97% loan to value. In some cases no appraisal is required. As an experienced HUD approved lender we offer discounted lending fees for all streamline loans.

Streamline refinance loans make sense for FHA customers who are able to lower their interest rate by at least .375. The larger the loan amount, the more each .25 of an interest rate reduction will increase the monthly savings. According to Corey Galinsky a CFB Branch Manager in Maryland, "If you can save at least $50 a month, a streamline refinance is worth your time." These loans are expedited through the closing process, so you can expect to refinance quickly if you are considering a streamline.