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FHA Home Loans for Bad Credit – People with credit scores between 500 and 620 still have a chance with Federally insured loan programs.


FHA ensures consumers get low interest rate options for mortgage refinance, home purchase loan quotes and much more.

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HUD insures the FHA home mortgages that we originate process and close.
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  FHA Mortgage Loan Services has built relationships with trusted FHA lenders offering refinance and new home financing at affordable rates. As a FHA approved lender we can offer unique purchase loans and fixed rate FHA mortgage loans with low interest rates. We provide affordable home financing possibilities with mortgages for people seeking first time homebuyer financing with discounted mortgage rates and down payment assistance.

FHA Mortgage Loan Services helps consumers find lenders that offer HUD insured loan offers for home purchase money, refinance, home improvement and consolidation loans with guaranteed secured money online from a trusted lending institution. Times have changed as FHA mortgages are not just for new home buyers. In the last 5 years, FHA has taken over almost 40% of the home mortgage market. FHA mortgage programs have been more aggressive with equity and more flexible with credit guidelines. FHA recently announced new home refinance options have opened the door for homeowners who have been stuck with underwater mortgages a new solution that promises a lower monthly payment.

In some cases, FHA mortgage loans extend new options for existing homeowners and new possibilities for first time home buyers to invest in real estate. The new government FHA programs encourage consumers to purchase homes with a small down-payment, flexible credit guidelines and low interest rates that are fixed for thirty year terms. We are one of only 9 FHA mortgage lenders online to process over 10,000 loan applications last month. Frequently Asked FHA Questions »

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After the sub-prime crisis, FHA has become the savior loan product for mortgage brokers across the nation. Congress finally passed a solid economic stimulus package that immediately raised home loan limits nationwide while expanding the FHA secure program to help prevent foreclosures and payment defaults.

FHA Mortgage Loan Services offers special government incentives for mortgage refinancing, affordable home purchase loan rates and fixed rate FHA streamline refinance loans for borrowers who already have a FHA mortgage. Choose from 30-year fixed rate or 5/1 ARM with rates starting at 3.125% FHA rates have hit record lows in 2012. FHA home mortgage products ensure low rates and fair lending.

FHA mortgage rates have never been more attractive for people seeking affordable fixed rate loans for thirty year terms.

Find out what you need to qualify for a fixed 30-year loan at 3.5%.

Do you need to remodel or rehabilitate your home but have no equity or additional funds needed to jump-start the project? The FHA offers a 203k loan that enables 115% financing. Consider the Federal Housing Administration for upgrading your home energy source to solar. FHA extends many incentives to finance solar energy installation.


The new government programs encourage consumers to purchase homes with a small down-payment, flexible credit guidelines and low interest rates that are fixed for thirty year terms.

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FHA M.L.S. provides great rate mortgage refinancing, affordable home purchase loans and fixed FHA mortgages with low interest rate guarantees. After the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacle, FHA is clearly the first choice for first time home-buyers comparing home financing options online. Many first time home buyers should consider a FHA mortgage loan because the rates are low and there is no pre-payment penalty for refinancing or selling the home. You also do not need a 2nd mortgage to cover the down-payment because you only need 3.5% of the purchase price with home loan insured by the FHA.

Many consumers are excited of the prospect of becoming a home-buyer and FHA has helped keep housing affordable.

FHA has insured more first time home loans than any other entity. People can get approved for a FHA mortgage loan with only a 3.5% down-payment.


After several turbulent years, the U.S. government finally took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. With these companies managing almost 50% of our country’s’ mortgage portfolios it became a priority for HUD to step in with swift mortgage solutions.

Initially, FHASecure was created to help Americans get a fixed rate loan solution in the wake of the sub-prime lending crisis. Unfortunately the FHA Secure program failed miserably and was discontinued. The goal was to ensure that American borrowers would get an affordable fixed rate mortgage when refinancing an adjustable rate loan. The program promoted fixed interest rates solutions for borrowers that were having difficulty meeting the refinance requirements after their interest rate adjusted. This government financing is also designed to aid and prevent foreclosure prevention. Hope for Homeowners took over where the FHA secure left off.

When Obama came into office, he doubled-down on HARP and encouraged FHA to expand the streamline program to aid struggling homeowners with refinancing options with no loan to value restrictions.

The biggest challenge the FHA has at the moment is maintaining enough reserves to meet the requirements of Congress.